Assembling your own squares


Assembling your own squares

If you are able to assemble your own squares, that’s fantastic and very helpful at this time as we play catch-up.

Square Sizes:

Should be approximately 6 1/2″ or 17 cm.

Square Quantity:

ADULT: 35 squares, 5 across / 7 down.
CHILDREN: 24 squares, 4 across / 6 down.


  1. Whether crocheted or knitted, each square is edged with a single-crochet border around its perimeter.
  2. Next, squares are crocheted to squares in that same edging colour to form a crosswise row (5 squares for adults, 4 for children).
  3. Each crosswise row is then crocheted together building the length of the afghan (7 rows for adults, 6 rows for children).
  4. A final simple crocheted edging can be worked around the entire afghan to give it a finished look.
  5. The finished afghan will be approximately 38″ x 53″ for adults, 30″ x 45″ for children.
  6. This video can help with technique and instruction.

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