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This site was developed and dedicated in the memory of Elizabeth Mae Thomas (nee Wynne). Liz passed away on September 28th, 2007 at 2am, succumbing to the cancer which had eventually spread throughout her body, after having started in her lungs. She was just 64.

Liz was such a brave fighter. No one could ever believe that anything on this earth would ever take her down. She was a strong, determined character, always busy and never afraid to try anything. Everything she touched was beautiful. From landscaping to renovating to entertaining, she put her magic touch to everything she did. There was no one who could do all that Liz could, and she did it all to such high standards.

Married at the young age of 17, she and her loving husband Jack (deceased Dec 1 2013 of the same) went on to have almost 47 years of wedded bliss, always like newlyweds. Liz was an amazing mother to four children, grandmother to six, and oldest sister to four siblings. She is very much missed by all.

During her illness, she hid her suffering even from those closest to her. She pushed it all aside, and was determined not to let it interfere with her life. No one knew what she was really going through. Because of how she concealed it, nobody was really prepared for when she actually did die. It was a shock to all as everyone had thought she was going to pull through.In retrospect, how she lived her final year is a testament to the kind of woman Liz was. She wanted to live her life as she always did, do what she always did…nothing was going to stop her. She didn’t want sympathy, she just wanted to enjoy her family and life as it always was.

A better wife…mother…person, I have not known, and we all deeply feel her absence. While Liz was being treated for cancer, she found great comfort in the wonderful afghan that was donated to her by the volunteers at Wellwood in Hamilton, Ontario. Crafted by so many caring hands, these treasures bring warmth to patients going through chemotherapy treatment. During treatment periods a patient can feel chilled, more than usual, and can have difficulty keeping warm. These afghans are a very practical, and special gift.

Cancer treatment is really ALL about HOPE. For those who can do something to help a person battling cancer, the volunteers who craft these beautiful treasures, they too must feel warm inside, knowing they are helping WARM the body and soul of someone facing this deadly disease.

Many thanks to all those kind hearts and helping hands,

– Anita Thomas (daughter of Liz)

With Your Help, We are Helping to Comfort Those Who Need It Most

Young and old, recipients delight in receiving of these colourful handmade afghan blankets given to them through Wellwood’s “Barb’s Squares” program. These much-loved blankets offer warmth, and comfort to anyone who has received a diagnosis of cancer as they go through their treatments.

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